HiIQ Guide

To stake IQ with HiIQ and you will need to have IQ on Ethereum (ETH) and some Ethereum for gas fees in an Ethereum wallet like Metamask. We recommend Metamask but you can also use Portis, Frame, Fortmatic, WalletConnect, or Torus.

Step 1: Get IQ on ETH and Ethereum

The easiest place to get IQ on Ethereum is Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange. Binance allows users to withdraw and deposit IQ on Ethereum. If you've got IQ on EOS, this tutorial explains how to bridge IQ from EOS to ETH using Binance. Once you've got IQ and ETH through Binance you can skip to Step 3.

If you've used Sushiswap the easiest place to get IQ is through our IQ-WETH pair on Sushiswap. Once you've got IQ and ETH through Sushiswap you can skip to Step 3.

If you hold FRAX the easiest place to get IQ is through our IQ-FRAX pair on Fraxswap. Once you've got IQ and ETH you can skip to Step 3.

If you've got IQ on EOS from Upbit or Crypto.com you will need to swap your IQ from EOS to Ethereum, our IQ on EOS to IQ on ETH guide explains all of the steps. Once you've done that you can skip to Step 4.

Step 2: Setup an Ethereum Wallet like Metamask

You can set up an Ethereum wallet with Metamask on iOS, Android, and several web browsers. When you setup Metamask, Metamask will automatically create an Ethereum wallet address for you.

Step 3: Add IQ to Metamask

To make sure IQ on Ethereum shows up in Metamask you'll need to add the IQ token to your Metamask wallet.

  • Open up Metamask mobile app and scroll to the bottom

  • Click "Add Token".

You will then see this Metamask popup:

  • Fill in the "Token Contract Adress" section with "0x579CEa1889991f68aCc35Ff5c3dd0621fF29b0C9". The other sections should autofill in. Then click "Next".

You will then see this Metamask screen

  • Click "Add Tokens". You will now be able to see your ERC20 IQ tokens on Metamask.

Step 4: Stake IQ on HiIQ

  • Log in with your Ethereum wallet

  • Choose the amount of IQ you want to lock

  • Choose the lock period from 1 week to 208 weeks (4 years). The longer you lock your IQ up for the greater the tokens earned.

  • Press "Lock" and make sure to approve all 3 transactions that popup in Metamask. Mind that you will need ETH to cover gas fees. The first transaction approves the contract, the second transaction creates the lock, and the third final transaction checkpoints the contract so you can start earning tokens. If you do not approve all three transactions you will not receive tokens.

  • At this point, you can refresh the page

Following the first halvening on November 1, 2023, 1.5 million IQ are minted daily for HiIQ stakers.The IQ tokens are distributed to HiIQ stakers in real-time. When IQ tokens are distributed to you they will show up in the and you will be able to claim them to your ETH address. You can also let the IQ tokens sit before claiming, the tokens will never expire.

Restaking and increasing your lock time on HiIQ

To restake (increase the amount of IQ) you have staked simply input the amount of additional IQ you want to stake and then hit "Lock". You will then need to sign two Metamask transactions which should automatically pop up the first one will be the transaction to increase the amount of IQ you have locked. Once you sign that the second transaction will pop up to checkpoint make sure to also sign this transaction. You need to checkpoint so that your stats are updated in the HiIQ staking contract so you earn the correct amount of IQ tokens.

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