Record of Initial IQ Distribution

Public record of reference from the initial IQ distribution. Details below:

To review, 51% of the supply was marked for the airdrop on July 12th 2018 to the EOS Distribution List (genesis balances of EOS tokens). ~3.5% of the tokens marked for the airdrop were not airdropped since those tokens were held by exchanges that did not support the airdrop. These tokens were instead re-invested into the Everipedia ecosystem through the IQ Fund.

About 15.7% of the supply is locked up for founders and early backers. These tokens will vest throughout a period which began on May 4th, 2020 and ends on May 4th, 2022. These tokens might or might not move after their vesting date, but they cannot be sold on open markets until they have vested. For all intents and purposes, we would recommend IQ holders/purchasers to value these tokens as circulating supply even if CoinMarketCap does not. The account for the team tokens is iqlockupctcr and should have 15.7% of the supply within a few days of this article’s posting.

10% of the supply is held by Everipedia, the company, as a treasury. The company treasury has been used sparingly for partnerships, development, and other ecosystem and IQ growth initiatives. You will likely see us put parts of this reserve into use. We have used only about 20% of the treasury at this time. The account for the team treasury is ytehekdmilty and you will see usage from this account from time to time.

About 14.7% of the supply is held by EOS VC.

Almost exactly 5% of the supply is held by the IQ Fund. A fund of tokens we have committed to using/investing to support developers and projects looking to build IQ token related products and DeFi dApps. The IQ Fund’s tokens might be sold periodically for stablecoin equivalents to keep the fund rebalanced and in good standing. You might see IQ outflows and stablecoin inflows into the account periodically. The account for the IQ Fund is everipediavc.

About 3.6% of the supply is held by strategic advisors.

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