Our OraQles software is multi-chain and was used by The Associated Press to publish March Madness tournament data on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. formerly Everipedia partnered with The Associated Press to bring the results of Super Bowl LV, the Georgia senate runoff, and the US presidential elections on-chain.

US Presidential Election

In November 2020, the Associated Press (AP), the world's most trusted news agency, used our OraQles to publish US Presidential Election Results on-chain for the first time ever.

The Associated Press didn't just call the presidency, they provided real-time election data for the senate, house, and governor races. AP didn't only give permission for their data to be captured, they signed it themselves with the Ethereum Public Key 0x436ee8cb3a351893b77f8b57c9772daec3a96445 and the EOS account associapress.

The event has been covered in articles by Forbes, CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, and other publications. Even big names in crypto like Hayden Adams and Neeraj Agarwal dropped some commentary on social media, attracting interest from other big players like Balaji Srinivasan and Brendan Blumer.

US Senate Election Race

In December 2020, the Associated Press (AP) expanded its partnership with formerly Everipedia to bring the US senate election race calls on the blockchain through OraQles. The United States Senate elections on January 5, 2020, determined which party controls the United States Senate. formerly Everipedia was offering AP’s senate race calls in a trusted and transparent manner through the use of oracles. AP signed the data cryptographically and published results with their Ethereum Public Key 0x436ee8cb3a351893b77f8b57c9772daec3a96445. The results published by AP through the OraQle were also available through our partner Chainlink's oracles.

Super Bowl LV

The Associated Press used our OraQle software to call the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's historic Super Bowl LV win on Ethereum. For football fans, this was even bigger than our election OraQle.

March Madness

In March 2021, The Associated Press (AP) announced expanding its collaboration with formerly Everipedia into the world of college sports. The Associated Press used our OraQle software to publish March Madness scores and schedules on the Ethereum blockchain.

What made this collaboration exciting for March Madness fans and blockchain enthusiasts alike is that AP used the OraQle to publish scores and schedules for every game on Ethereum. Through our innovative OraQle software AP published scores on-chain within minutes.

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