Custom Knowledge

IQ GPT’s Custom Knowledge feature allows users to create different folders filled with knowledge from their preferred sources to customize and further enhance the IQ GPT Chatbot data set. Users are able to feed the bot any files, websites, documents, or texts; and are also able to enter custom instructions for the bot to follow at all times.

Example of Custom Instructions:

Before custom instructions:

After custom instructions:

This enables different community chats to each have a customizable bot that specializes and also caters to the knowledge base and needs of their project.

Steps to unlock Custom Knowledge features:

  1. Set up your Account

Head to and sign in using any of the provided sign-in methods.

  1. Create API Key

Once signed in, click on your account details icon (top right), select the “API Keys” tab, and click the “Create API Key” button.

  1. Feed the API Key to your Bot

Click the copy icon next to the code generated, and send a message in the Telegram chat by following the format:

"@IQGPTChatbot /auth [API KEY]"

  1. Upload Custom Data

Head to Create different folders that contain your preferred sources (files, websites, documents, texts, etc...)

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