is an AI-powered social forum for crypto news and insights powered by the IQ token. was launched by BrainDAO on November 1, 2023, as a part of IQ v3. is an AI-powered social forum designed to enhance users' knowledge and awareness of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. The platform is governed by HiIQ stakers who curate and rank all of the articles submitted to

IQ stakers can add articles and vote for the content of interest by liking an article. If a pending article receives two or more votes and has a HiIQ score of over 100k, it automatically gets published on the homepage of the platform. The HiIQ score of an article is determined by the total HiIQ balance of the users who favored the article. Users can also sign up for the weekly email newsletter that features the most popular articles on This way the platform serves as a comprehensive source for industry updates without the need for users to browse through multiple platforms.

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