Guide to swapping your IQ tokens from EOS to Ethereum (ERC20)

Binance is the easiest place to bridge IQ from EOS to ETH and from ETH to EOS since it supports withdrawals and deposits on both EOS and ETH. In this guide, we will demonstrate how to swap your IQ from EOS to Ethereum (ERC20) with the help of the bridge.

To use the bridge will you need to have IQ on EOS in an EOS account with Anchor. If you hold IQ on EOS on an exchange like Binance or Upbit you will need to create an EOS account using a service like EOS Account Creator and then import your account into Anchor. You will also need Ethereum in the Ethereum wallet Metamask to use the bridge and go onto farm IQ you'll probably want to have at least $50-$100 worth of Ethereum for gas fees.

To swap your ERC20 IQ back to IQ on EOS you will use this bridge https://iq.braindao.org/dashboard/bridge - our ETH to EOS guide walks you through the steps.

  • Head to IQ bridge link: https://iq.braindao.org/dashboard/bridge and connect your Anchor wallet and your MetaMask wallet.

  • Choose the amount of IQ you would like to swap and enter the Ethereum address you'd like to send your ERC20 IQ to and Click “Transfer”.

An Anchor wallet notification will then popup:

  • Click "Sign Transaction"

  • Do not worry if your IQ has not shown up yet in the bridge it could take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour depending on the network.

  • Click "Swap to IQ ERC20". Mind please, that there is a 0.25% fee to transfer IQ from EOS to ETH using ptokens.

A Metamask notification will then pop up:

  • Click "Confirm" to approve the spending.

Another Metamask notification will pop up to confirm the final transaction:

Click "Confirm" to approve the transaction.

To ensure that your IQ on Ethereum shows up in Metamask you'll want to add the IQ token to your Metamask wallet. Keep in mind it also may take a few minutes or longer depending on Ethereum network congestion for the transaction to go through.

  • Open up Metamask and scroll to the bottom.

  • Click "Add Token".

  • Click "Custom Token".

  • Fill in the "Token Contract Adress" section with "0x579CEa1889991f68aCc35Ff5c3dd0621fF29b0C9". The other sections should autofill in. Then click "Next".

  • Click "Add Tokens". You will now be able to see your ERC20 IQ tokens on Metamask.

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