IQ GPT for Traders

Welcome to the Trader's Corner of IQ GPT, your go-to resource for leveraging AI-powered insights to excel in the crypto market.

Unlocking the Power of IQ GPT for Traders

1. Specialised Crypto Knowledge

IQ GPT understands the intricacies of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and web3. It equips traders with specialized knowledge specific to the crypto industry. Before diving into crypto trading, it's important to educate yourself about the basics of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and how trading works. Familiarise yourself with different types of cryptocurrencies, their use cases, and the factors that can affect their prices.

Example prompts : "Tell me about blockchain and trading cryptocurrency"

2. Market Analysis

  • Real-time Insights: IQ GPT offers historical market analysis, real-time market analysis, and news

  • Informed Trading Decisions: It summarises market data, tracks price movements, and identifies trading patterns.

  • Reliable Data Sources: We pull data from reputable sources like CoinGecko, DeFi Llama, CoinNess, and more.

Example prompts : "Average Price of IQ token between 18 august 2023 and 23 august 2023"

"Trading volume of iq last week"

"TVL in HiIQ"

"Pools with high tvl and their 30 day APY"

"Top 5 protocols having highest tvl change in past 7 days"

"Movement of ethereum's tvl"

"last 5 transactions on polygon bridge"

3. Risk Assessment

  • Evaluate Market Risks: IQ GPT helps you assess market volatility, security vulnerabilities, regulatory changes, and potential manipulations.

Example prompts : "Which cryptocurrency has highest loss in last month"

"Give the regulations which are changed recently for crypto trading?"

"Bridges that are recording high monthly volumes"

"What are the Dexes with drastic change in monthly volumes"

4. Portfolio Diversification

  • Explore New Opportunities: IQ GPT suggests emerging crypto and DeFi projects to diversify your portfolio.

Example prompts : "what are the new crypto and defi projects that i can invest and trade"

"Protocols yielded high revenue for investors in past 30 days"

"What is the Latest Options data on Lyra"

5. News & Wiki Summarisation

  • Stay Updated Effortlessly: IQ GPT automatically summarises news articles, wikis, and social media discussions in the crypto sphere.

Example prompts : "What are epic failures of crypto businesses" "Latest news on crypto trading"

6. Data Analysis

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Utilise IQ GPT to extract and analyze market data for informed trading strategies.

Example prompts : "trends for trading volume of ethereum between 1 september 2023 and 20 september 2023. What can be trading strategies applied"

"Deposits and Withdraw info on Polygon chain"

"Which protocol has high change in revenue in past 7 days?"

"What is the Latest Options data on Lyra"

"Deposits and Withdraw info on Polygon chain"

"decode the abi function name with signature 0x23b872dd"

IQ GPT will be the Trader's Hub in the gateway to maximising trading potential with IQ GPT.

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